FORENSIC DOCUMENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, INC. (FDSI, INC.) is a corporation headed by former FBI agent Richard M. Williams. As a Supervisory Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Forensics Laboratory in Washington, DC, for over 20 years, Mr. Williams gleaned an expertise in scientific applications, regulatory law and courtroom procedure that makes him a foremost authority in the forensic document field.
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The examination of documents involves a variety of forensic applications.   Documents are subjected to visual, microscopic, and photographic analysis.   Physical qualities of the documents - ink, watermarks, paper, deletions, erasures, indentures, obliterations, handwriting, hand printing, typewriting, photocopying, impressions, etc. - reveal answers to questions concerning the documents' originality, authorship, and unauthorized handling.   Findings are significant in resolving "white collar" criminal activities in the legal, governmental, insurance, banking, corporate, and medical communities.

FDSI's foremost intention is to be at the disposal of the client, whether the client is a government agency, corporate client or an individual.   By applying scientific knowledge to questions of civil and criminal law, a professional report will be prepared, and, if necessary, FDSI, INC. will present expert witness testimony to those determinations in federal and state courts of law.   Mr. Williams is also available as a Lecturer and Consultant.  Fees


Located in Northern Virginia within minutes of Washington, DC, FDSI, INC. has at its disposal Reagan National, Dulles International and Baltimore-Washington International airports, facilitating sudden departures and travel to distant global locations.


For your convenience, FORENSIC DOCUMENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, INC. has provided a Contact Us form that will allow you to ask questions and make requests and comments.  

TEL: 571-257-8256

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